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A leading provider of services on the Internet

Business Case

Nowadays companies are operating in an increasingly complex business environment, characterized by shorter product cycles and product time-to-market, fast changing customer preferences, significantly increased customers' expectations and demands for product quality. To stay competitive in the market, companies need to tailor their offers to meet customer needs more accurately. The information about behavior, needs, and preferences of the customer and customer's expectations is vital for companies.

Traditional opinion poll methods work through reaching people by direct mail, focus groups, and the phone. All of those techniques are constrained by relatively small sample sizes, time, subjective bias, and high costs. All these factors restrict or keep away many companies from engaging into customer behavior research. Our customer decided to attract businesses by offering a tool which would enable companies to conduct surveys and polls on-line at a relatively low cost. To develop the tool, the company chose its long-time partner Novosoft.


Novosoft has developed a web application that can be easily integrated with an existing web site and provide online survey functionalities. The value proposition of the research tool is as follows.

  • Cost efficiency. No person should be hired to conduct a poll or a survey, as well as to process the data, and get the results.
  • Adaptability. Unlike phone surveys, Novosoft's solution provides a poll participant with visual capabilities. Pictures and graphics could be very helpful in conducting a poll; they contribute to the faster adaptability of the online research tools.
  • Speed. It takes virtually a couple of seconds to get results of the online survey, while collecting and processing an off-line survey usually takes some days.
  • Productivity. Online survey could be conducted at the convenience of participant's time and place. Also, a respondent usually answers more questions at any given time on-line, rather than in an off-line mode.
  • Feature set. Novosoft's solution gives end users an ability to create complex reports using diagrams or charts.
  • Customization. Novosoft's solution allows final users to customize an online survey/poll/questionnaire for a specific need of any company. This will help our customer to market the tool more effectively and sell a greater number of solution copies to the end users in the market.

In conclusion, the customer received a solution which is in demand in the market. The sales potential for the solution in the marketplace as well as the resultant revenue inflow for the customer promises to be very high.

Tools and Technologies

Java Servlet, Oracle, Interbase, Informix

The customer received from Novosoft the desired application at a reasonable cost. The solution allows the customer to generate a new source of revenue and to enrich the package of service offerings to final users.

Final users benefit from getting a useful business application at an affordable price. That allows large companies to cut the research budget and still get quality results. At the same time, the solution gives small companies a chance to conduct customer surveys which they were unable to conduct before due to financial constraints.

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