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  Forex trading system

Custom Project Name

Forex trading system

Customer (country)

Financial services provider on the Internet

Business Case

Our customer was involved in currency trading in the Forex market. Traditionally, he was trading off-line through a broker at stock exchange. With the inception of Internet, new trading opportunities emerged. The people got a chance to trade online using Internet-based applications. Our customer saw a growing demand from many people for the high-quality Internet-based solution, which would allow people to trade online in the Forex market. Our customer decided to satisfy such demand through establishing a high-quality electronic Internet trading system.


Novosoft started the implementation of the project with thorough examination of other Internet trading solutions available on the market. Such efforts were spent to make sure that customers got a competitive trading program.

While working on developing the solution, Novosoft specialists paid special attention to the program design. As a result, Novosoft customer got a quality software solution with a user-friendly interface and easy navigation across the program. It is very important for traders to have a convenient trading program interface, because it helps a client to recognize and analyze the market information, and therefore to increase the quality of his trading decisions. Also, user-friendly design ensures that novice online traders got easily accustomed to the solution, without any training. The resulting program has vast chances to attract mass customers as compared to other solutions on the market.

The Novosoft solution provides the trader with the following functionalities:

  • 24 hours access to live streaming currency quotes, active orders, open positions, and available margins;
  • Fast order entry that ensures displayed price guarantee;
  • Functions to set/ cancel stop losses;
  • High-level security protection of client's account and transaction information;
  • Personal account management, when a client has 24 hours access to the personal account information, i.e. transaction log;

The electronic trading system provides client with unique advantage compared to offline way of trading. While trading offline, a client has to call a broker by phone to place an order. Quite frequently, the phone line is busy, so a customer loses precious time. The currency rate fluctuations happen in a matter of seconds, so a client bears a risk of losing a profitable deal. Such major inconvenience results in missed opportunities for the customer and shrinking profits.

Contrary to that, Internet-based trading system allows client to place a market order simply by clicking mouse button on the desired rate on the screen. That enables clients to reap all the benefits of trading on the Forex market.

Tools and Technologies

Java JSP/Servlets, Java applets, MS SQL

Novosoft customer got a trading system that meets his requirements and expectations. With the growing interest towards the Forex market, the demand for such program is expected to increase. That will ensure that the customer gets revenue from either selling the program to other companies, or letting clients to subscribe and use it for some regular fee.
The customers got a chance to enter the Forex market using a handy software program. Compared to trading currencies in the offline mode, online trading has lower transaction costs. Therefore, the profit margin for Internet traders is higher. Also, the faster transaction speed in Internet trading gives clients more flexibility, thereby allowing greater potential earnings.

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