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  GIS service, joint E-services & M-services solution

Custom vProject Name

GIS service, joint E-services & M-services solution

Customer (country)

Novosoft LLC. USA-Russia

Business Case

This product was developed by Novosoft to represent the company in the prestigious Microsoft Web Services contest.


Novosoft product is designed to provide its users with information services. It is implemented in two forms. The first one is a Web site. The major functionalities of the site are as follows:
First, it builds a map of required location upon the user's request with various levels of detail. Second, the program finds and marks on the map any specific address or object, e.g. pizza, gas station, crossroad. In fact, the solution could be customized, so any other place of interest could easily be added. Also, the Novosoft product offers its users a unique service - path finding. It finds the shortest way between any 2 points on the map and explains a user in detail how to take a shortcut from one location to another.
What makes Novosoft solution a special event in the market is that it provides location-based information services not only through the Web site, but also via mobile/wireless devices. A mobile services operator can take advantage of Novosoft solution and add it to the regular services. By doing that, a vendor will offer extra fast and reliable location-based services to its clients. Since the competition in the mobile services market is very intense now, new special service offering will allow a mobile services operator to get a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
It is worthwhile to mention that the solution was built using .Net technology. Its major advantage is that the technology allows reducing the entire production process, and as a result helps to decrease development costs. Also, the technology has a rich support infrastructure, which enables coders to develop an enhanced feature set for any solution.

Tools and Technologies

IIS/ASP.NET/MS SQL Server/.Net framework/Spatialware

Both Internet visitors and mobile phone users benefit from the solution through getting a unique customer service.
The mobile services operators partnering with Novosoft can use their solution to increase market competitiveness.

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