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  Multi-portal Management System

Custom Project Name

Multi-portal Management System

Customer (country)

European e-commerce company.

Business Case

A company looked for a unified portal network application with a centralized management system which could enable easy deployment of e-commerce and collaboration portal in every single town throughout the country. The business goal was to maximize online revenues from a diverse portal client-base, taking advantage of optimum performance and round-the-clock maintenance.


Several components that could be used in portal application had been already developed by Novosoft as a proprietary solutions:

in Java:
Shopping Cart
Car catalogue
Real Estate catalogue         
Greeting Cards
in ASP:
Banner system
Official Pages
CVs & Jobs

Novosoft proposed to seamlessly integrate those existed components into the portal framework. Thus it allowed to significantly reduce marketing time. Novosoft extensive experience with Java and ASP implementation, as well as deep knowledge of XML Web Services technology, all were successfully used for the components integration. Additionally, other important mission-critical portal services were implemented:

multiple domain names support
integration with Bibit Global Payment Services
change management system
portal resource allocation
through navigation and search system

Tools and Technologies

The solution was developed using ASP/IIS 4.0/MS SQL v.7.0/Java/VB and COM objects written in MSVC++.


The benefits the customer gained were as follows:

Improved market presence
Increased customer coverage
Shared Component Repository
Easy content management
Flexible and extendable solution

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