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  E-commerce site with full set of online shopping capabilities

Custom Project Name

E-commerce site with full set of online shopping capabilities.

Customer (country)

Consulting company representing interests of the large retail network, USA

Business Case

Our final consumer, the largest luggage repair and replacement organization in the US, was operating in the traditional retail market through the network of physical outlets. The company felt the need to respond to the increasing competition in the market, and to provide better customer service through setting up a full-fledged e-business site offering many helpful online options. Also, by setting a quality Web site up, the customer wanted to open up an extra sale channel, in addition to the traditional retail channel, to boost sales volumes and to increase market reach.


Novosoft LLC. provided this customer with a high quality B2C Web site. The solution was developed using MS Site Server Commerce Edition. Among other benefits, using this tool ensured that the company's sales/ return/ exchange procedures are integrated with back-end (legacy warehouse). The Web site has a full range of online capabilities: online catalog, handy search engine by product type and size, personal secure account for each shopper, ability to track the order status by order ID number etc. The interface of the site is very user-friendly, and all information is well structured. The security of E-commerce transactions on the Web site is ensured by VeriSign payment system, a leading provider of security on the Internet.

Tools and Technologies

The Web site was developed using IIS/ ASP/ MS SQL Server 7.0/ MS Site Server Commerce Edition

Benefits Benefits to Web site customers
The Web site ensures that all comprehensive information about the company products and policies are easily accessible at all times;
The Web site offers customers a complete line of products that might not be available in company's retail stores.
The Web site helps customers to make the most informed decision about their purchases through providing the option that helps to easily compare different luggage models.
The Web site convincingly demonstrates the company's commitment to the superior customer service through providing free shipping of the purchased items and other options.

Benefits to Novosoft client
The Web site significantly increased the sales opportunities of the client, since the site provides the client company with technical opportunities to process sales orders at any time;
The client may use its site as a tool to find out more about customer preferences and buying habits, thus providing its customers with better service.

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