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  Generalized Portfolio Evaluation and Review System

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Generalized Portfolio Evaluation and Review System

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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory: U.S. Department of Energy Multi-Program Laboratory (USA)

Business Case

One of many critical business activities for the scientific visualization laboratory is plenty of hierarchically organized data structure analyzing in various business domains.

A good example of such data is the stock market structure, where each market sector, industry and company have associated data, such as market capacity, stock volume, stock price, return of investment etc.

The laboratory was looking for a solution to present such data in an intuitively comprehensible way, for analysis and demonstration purposes, and to complement their decision-making capabilities. The existing solutions are focused on custom dedicated data analysis and do not fit customer need for a generalized solution.


Novosoft offered a solution consisting of two components:

Win32 application, processing input data in Microsoft Excel format and generating output data for browser program.
Browser program written in Java, with XML based data format that builds a colored map for hierarchical structures and data presentation.

Such approach allows to process and to analyze any type of numeric data with hierarchy structure. The top-level category, such as market itself, is presented as a rectangle, divided into smaller ones. Smaller rectangles represent sub-categories, such as sector, industry, and companies. A size and color of sub-category depend on value of the parameters associated with it. If, for instance, user defines that company color depends on its stock rate, the companies with negative stock trend will displayed red, companies with positive stock trend - green colored, others - black.

Tools and Technologies

Java, Swing, Visual Basic, XML, COM+

Transforming data assets into helpful information and valuable management insights
Due to only using XML files in browser, it makes possible for the future improvement of browsing network-distributed enterprises in real-time mode
Excellent performance even with huge amount of data input (thousands of entities)

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