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  Stove modelling application

Custom Project Name

Stove modelling application

Customer (country)

German provider of business application for construction industry

Business Case

A company operating in the market of designing and manufacturing stoves experienced the need to have effective technical tools to model and build their products. Two types of the solutions it commonly uses are as follows. The first one is when the engineers draw the oven drafts on paper without using specialized computer programs. The shortage is that such primarily manual product modeling and designing is time-consuming and inflexible.

Another solution is to use a standard CAD system (e.g. AutoCAD) for creating an electronic prototype of the future product. The drawback is that most of such systems are very complicated. They are not specifically customized for manufacturing stoves, and have too many excessive features. As a result, in most cases only highly educated engineers could be users of those systems. The process of educating other people to use the systems is time-consuming and expensive. In this situation, the market operators need a simple yet effective solution, solving the above problems.


Novosoft LLC. offered a CAD system, specifically designed for the companies manufacturing the stoves. That customized solution effectively performs the following functions: building 2D and 3D product images, modeling and analyzing different product prototypes, and providing corresponding calculation of costs for each scenario. What is important, not only Novosoft addressed basic customer needs, but it also provided a customer with the technical feature to preview how the future product would fit the interior design of a specific room, thereby increasing a customer satisfaction. One of the major advantages of the solution is that it is very simple in use, and doesn't require expensive training for the users. Thus, the solution is not only effective, but also affordable for the small and medium-sized companies.

Tools and Technologies

MS Visual C++, Delphi, OpenGL


Simple solution by Novosoft allows a customer to significantly increase the effectiveness of the modeling and manufacturing stoves. The system provides faster product modeling and deployment to customer; as a result a company could serve more customers at any given time. Also, it allows customers to reduce costs, associated with either using manual designing process or employing technically complicated CADs. The solution provided a major input into the company's competitiveness in the market.


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