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  Automated Affiliate Marketing System

Custom Project Name

Automated Affiliate Marketing System

Customer (country)

A service provider for entertainment industry. USA.

Business Case

Our customer's mainstream business is affiliate marketing. Historically, the customer used third-party services to carry out all client accounts processing and management.
Over the course of time, many new members have joined the customer's affiliate marketing system and the network has greatly expanded. To support the growing network, our customer decided to adopt a system which would fully automate affiliate marketing operations being customized to specific demands existing in that industry.
Also, our customer saw a growing demand in the market for such solutions. He planned to resell the solution to other affiliate marketing companies.


It was not the first time when Novosoft had developed such solution. Proven previous experience allowed Novosoft to approach this task with clear vision of what tools and technologies should be employed. Novosoft developed a highly scalable and automated affiliate marketing management program. The solution met all demands and requirements for a system of this type. One of its major advantages is that the solution could easily be customized for other businesses. The customer got an opportunity to re-sell the system to other players in the market.

The solution has the following functionality:

  • Allows authorized users to manage their personal information: create, update, share, and delete records.
  • Allows authorized users to manage their own accounts: approve/deny, disable, delete contacts.
  • Generates performance reports for all user groups in a simple form.
  • Allows sending mass e-mail to affiliates.
  • Allows defining affiliate payout.
  • Enables system members to create and modify advertising campaigns.
  • Secures all transactions.
  • Allows a shopper to pay with all kinds of major credit cards, cash, or check.
  • Supports work of several merchants within one installation whereas each merchant has individual system properties.
  • Records and safely stores all information.
  • Allows access only to authorized users according to assigned security level.

The software architecture supports the following size and time requirements:

  • On average, the system is capable of handling the following data per merchant/ affiliate (in each specific case these numbers are much higher)
    • 3000 affiliates under each merchant,
    • 15000 clicks brought by each affiliate in any given month,
    • 100 to 250 sales brought by each affiliate in any given month.
  • The system provides access to the content database with no more than a 5 second latency.

The software architecture supports the following quality requirements:

  • Support for the most popular browsers,
  • User interface of the system is appropriate for a computer-literate user with no additional training on the system,
  • The system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The system can have new services and payment systems added without being restarted.
Tools and Technologies


The customer received a high-quality solution meeting and/or exceeding original expectations. The solution completely automates all account management processes in the affiliate marketing system. High scalability of the system allows the customer to further expand the customer's business virtually without limits.

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