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  XQuery Test Applications

Custom Project Name

XQuery Test Applications

Customer (country)

Leader in creation, development and manufacturing of industry's most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, networking systems, storage devices and microelectronics. (USA)

Business Case

The objective of the company was to evaluate the cutting edge XQuery technology (

Company needed a test application that could store a large number of Personal Information Records in predefined format. Database web interface was to provide comprehensive search capabilities (searching by all or several fields).

Search requests had to be handled via XQuery language. The database was to meet high workload requirements - work with at least 1,000,000 records, some of them exceeding 1 Megabyte in size.


As a result of XQuery Project the following components were produced by Novosoft:

XQueryX adapter
Test Application
Generator of Test Data

XQueryX Adapter is the reusable component that has to be used as an extension of JDBC driver (or SQL DB library). The main goal of XQueryX Adapter is to provide an API that allows executing a limited set of XQueryX queries over relational database management system and producing XML based results.

Test Application web page is accessible via Web and all the user needs to do is to fill out the search criteria fields, choose the type of request to execute (SQL or XQueryX) and press the submit button.

Generator of Test Data is a separate application, which automatically creates tables creation and inserts data in predefined format.

Tools and Technologies

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional or Server, WebSphere Application server, DB2 database, Java, browsers supported are Netscape (4.0 and above), IE (4.0 and above).


Unique XQueryX adapter can be used as a standalone component as it is supplied with own installation tool and installation guide. It is the first tool on the market supporting XQuery language, and hence it is very competitive. It was already sold for use in several commercial projects and the demand for this tool is constantly growing.

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