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  Tools for ASN.1-based solutions

Custom Project Name

Tools for ASN.1-based solutions

Customer (country)

A leading tool manufacturer for ASN.1-based solutions

Business Case

Our customer builds software solutions for companies, manufacturing products and services based on ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation - One) standard. ASN.1 is an international standard that specifies data used in communication protocols. ASN.1-based applications are widely used in many industries, from mobile telephony to manufacturing routers and printers.Nowadays, there are many changes happening in these industries all the time. That creates the need for permanent extension of specifications in ASN.1 standard and for new ASN.1-based solutions and devices. As a result, the demand for our customer's tools facilitating the development of such solutions and devices grows very rapidly as well. To meet that rising need, our customer was looking for a partner to satisfy the growing demand for these tools.


As a result, a customer chose to subcontract Novosoft with its skilled staff. The tools developed by Novosoft have considerable business value to its final users.After a new ASN.1 specification emerged, a final user can start developing a new software solution or a device, which will involve that new specification. There are two major options for a manufacturing company, i. e. a mobile phone manufacturer, here.

The first one is to write a source code for desired solution from scratch. That is usually very expensive and requires highly skilled programmers to be involved. Also, it might take a long time to develop the much-needed solution. Meanwhile, the competitors can take advantage of the company's slowness. Another way is to buy our customer's tool (developed either by the customer itself or Novosoft) that helps to get the needed solution in virtually a few clicks. The tool allows converting ASN.1 spec into a source code in any common programming language, such as C, C++ or Java. The second way is a money-saving option for the companies. Even more importantly, it reduces time to market, which is of utmost importance in the today's fast-changing market.

Many companies decide to go with the second option, thereby increasing the demand for the tools. By subcontracting Novosoft, a customer got a chance to satisfy the needs of all of its clients. This helps the customer to retain old clients and to attract the new ones.

Tools and Technologies

C/C++, C compilers for various platforms, Pure Coverage, Purefy

Benefits for customers:
Thanks to its unique business expertise, Novosoft provides the customer with high quality yet very cost-effective solutions. This helps the customer to permanently update its tool offerings to the clients in the market.

Benefits for final users:
By using the Novosoft solution, final users obtain a serious competitive advantage and get the opportunity to lead marketplace innovations.

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