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  DB/2 Booster for mainframe systems

Custom Project Name

DB/2 Booster for mainframe systems

Customer (country)

Neon Systems Inc. - a leading worldwide provider of applications for mainframe systems (USA).

Business Case

For many years, all electronic operations in many large companies and institutions were conducted over the mainframe systems. Our customer is a major provider of software solutions for such systems. Over the course of time, faster and more efficient computer systems than mainframes have emerged. As a result, the demand for the solutions of our customer was declining. In that situation the customer needed that the solution that would make the mainframe systems work faster. Also, most of our customer's clients needed such solution. They were reluctant to migrate to new systems, because that would require revolutionary transformation in the entire company operations and lead to huge transition costs.
The main reason for inefficiency of existing mainframe systems was because they operated on DB/2 databases. As opposed to many contemporary databases that have a function to automatically optimize the operation efficiency, RDBMS DB/2 was unable to optimize own performance and to process more queries. As a result, it operated relatively slow and ineffectively.
The customer needed the application that would enable RDBMS DB/2 to self optimize. At that time the market had no solution for such problem. In order to solve the problem, the customer contracted a software development company Novosoft, which possessed sufficient potential for tackling the challenge.


In respond to the customer need, Novosoft developed an innovative software solution - booster that made possible for RDBMS DB/2 to optimize its own performance. As a result, based mainframe systems equipped with Novosoft solution were able to process a higher number of operations (queries) at any given time and handle bigger data volumes. The problem set by the customer was successfully resolved. Importantly, the solution allowed increasing the efficiency of the mainframe systems at practically no cost.

Tools and Technologies

ANSI, K&R C, ODBC, DB/2, Oracle OCI

Novosoft customer received a unique solution that helped the customer to retain its mainframes operating clients, and therefore to secure its business future.
The businesses and organizations using the mainframe system benefit because the solution allows them to increase the operation efficiency without spending enormous financial resources for switching to new modern systems.

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