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A Japanese leader in interactive communication solutions including Web and e-commerce solutions.

Business Case

Novosoft's customer maintains several large Web sites. It is imperative to the business to change the content of the sites frequently. Traditionally, software developers uploaded new and updated files to the Web server manually. It is often a time-consuming and daunting task. Moreover, even an accurate person can make occasional mistake as one deals with multiple files. The customer's vision was a solution that would automate the process of site upgrades.


The solution offered by Novosoft fully automates the process of upload of Web site components to a live Web server. Now a programmer makes needed changes to a Web site, and places new or changed site components on a master copy disc. Novosoft software scans the changes there to make sure that a site after changes preserves its integrity. After that test, the Novosoft software automatically uploads the new or changed components from a master copy disc to a live Web site. The solution eliminates the task of software developers to deal with site uploads freeing their time for a better use. The solution also eliminates the possibility of a casual mistake. Moreover, it makes the entire uploading process fast. Finally, the system analyzes the upload process and generates performance reports. The system, for example, notifies the administrator if there is an error during the upload process. Overall, the solution enables the customer to control the entire content transformation process.

Tools and Technologies

C++, MS SQL Server 2000

The solution simplifies and automates the process of Web site upgrade, considerably decreasing or eliminating the risks associated with using human labor.

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