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  Workforce Management Software

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Workforce Management Software

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Novosoft HR Department

Business Case

For human resource management and recruiting processes, Novosoft utilize the original Team Management and Project Management System (TMS PM). The system stores information about projects the employee has been involved in, status of performed tasks, personal salary, positions held within these projects, and the tools and technologies used.

Being a part of TMS PM, TMS Human Resources contains personal data cards of all Novosoft employees and job candidates, including contact info, knowledge, education, certificates and current position.

The drawback for the project managers and HR managers was getting consolidated reports from both parts of the TMS system. To better facilitate a team building process, there was a need for the tool that would provide easy and convenient method to access all information related to job candidates and allow updating this information in a timely manner.


For effective answer (time and material) for the existing problem it was proposed to use integrated solution (SAP R/3 + TMS HR + TMS PM).

Data transfer from TMS HR and TMS PM into SAP R/3 is organized by using SAP R/3 ability for solution of presented problems.

Existing functionality allowed for solving the stated problem without expending significant effort for development.

First all TMS HR business objects were pinpointed and described, as well as corresponding to them structures in SAP R/3. Next, business rules were developed to provide correct object mapping.

Data transfer was accomplished with the use of LEI application (Lotus Enterprise Integrator), which uses SAP R/3 Connector (v. 1.6) for connecting with SAP R/3 server and for carrying out some of its functions.

Tools and Technologies

SAP R/3; Lotus Notes / Domino;
LEI (Lotus Enterprise Integrator), SAP R/3 Connector v. 1.6;
Lotus Script, Lotus Designer

Increase of efficiency for human resources management specifically for staffing project teams and for estimating the actual competency level of employees.

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