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  Enterprise Accounting System Re-engineering: Platinum SQL customization

Custom Project Name

Enterprise Accounting System Re-engineering: Platinum SQL customization

Customer (country)

MS United LTD.

Business Case

The customer's primary business is international timber trade operations. The head company has some subsidiary companies located in Russia. In 2001 the customer faced the problem of customizing the existing financial and accounting system - Platinum SQL, in order to optimize its internal business processes, reduce the volume of manual work and to cut down costs for records management. Besides, the customer wanted to facilitate product management and to better control cash flows.


Novosoft team worked closely with customer executives to elicit the existing business processes and performance capabilities. This information was used for producing business analysis reports covering the company's financial, accounting and logistics management, and for offering the ways for optimization of managing processes.

On the basis of business analysis information, Platinum SQL system configuration was customized to meet up-to-date business-specific requirements, including:

  • Integration with the third-party software (bank-client)
  • Improving report subsystem
Tools and Technologies

Novosoft consultants used its proprietary SEP (Software Engineering Process) technology based on the Rational Unified Process. This approach facilitates solution modifications through hands-on exposure basing on each separate product release, and provides fine-grained insight into the project state for both the development team and the client.

  • Crystal Report,
  • MS SQL,
  • Softbridge Basic Language (Platinum SQL),
  • Visual Basic
With help from Novosoft, our client received:
Analysis of its existing business infrastructure, as well as functionality improvement requirements and costs.
Systemized information about internal business processes and methods for their optimization.
Increased level of supervision for supplies and financial flows.
As a result, Novosoft has established long term partnership with the client, and earned his trust and respect with every solution designed, developed and maintained.

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