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  Advertisement management system

Custom Project Name

Advertisement management system.

Customer (country)

A leading provider of services on the Internet

Business Case

Our client is a leading provider of services on the Internet that keeps an eye on Internet evolution. The growth of Web-advertising popularity and presence of own hosting service gave a stimulus for investing in this business. For entering the web-advertising market our client needed computer system that would manage all business relationships among advertisers & publishers. Moreover, this system should provide advertisers with abilities to manage advertising campaigns. Our client didn't have a clear vision of the software concept. The major requirements for this system were using Java technologies and high-level software developing.


The solution offered by "Novosoft LLC." is Advertising Management System (AMS). The AMS development demanded detailed investigation of Web-advertising by our specialists. During research, the analysts created software specifications and architecture. At first one-publisher version of AMS was developed, that can serve one publisher & some advertisers. This version of AMS manages all financial relationships between publisher & advertisers. Next, our specialists developed Enterprise' version of AMS that can serve multitude of publishers & advertisers. Moreover, AMS management abilities for advertisers were greatly extended in this version. AMS allows advertisers to create & manage multiple advertising campaigns simultaneously. Any campaign can be targeted by time (time period of campaign, weekdays & hours of activity), by publisher's region (IP, domain name & real geo-targeting) or category (keyword characterized publisher), as well as by member's pool. These features in combination with multiple operating reports greatly increase effectiveness of advertising campaign. Each advertising campaign is characterized by individual banner volume demonstration that is an additional requirement at AMS. Our specialists developed a scalable system that can serve the advertisers of all sizes. The operative effectiveness of the system depends on numbers of servers only. Our Advertising Management System is high-quality affordable solution that is based on Java technologies and Interbase/Informix databases.

Tools and Technologies

Databases: Interbase, Oracle, MS SQL, Informix.

Simple, easy-to-use interface saves labor hours in system operation & planning.
Seamlessly scale across multiple domains, portals, and networks - from 50,000 to billions of impressions.
Powerful targeting capabilities by keyword, domain name, time of day and Geo greatly increase effectiveness of advertising campaign.
Advanced reporting abilities include wide range of reports on advertisers, publishers, campaigns, banner types, inventory management & more.

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