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  Web Based Bug Tracking System

Custom Project Name

Web Based Bug Tracking System

Customer (country)

Software manufacturing company. USA

Business Case

Our customer was involved in developing software products. One of the stages in production process is program testing and bug fixing. In many cases, when a sizable program was tested, the process of fixing bugs involves a number of different people, often from geographically dispersed locations. That usually made the whole fixing process less flexible, and therefore less effective. The client needed some solution that would help it to streamline the process of bug fixing.


In respond to the business need, Novosoft offered a Web based bug tracking application. The system allowed a customer to organize and record the following information: bug description, bug cause, bug location, etc. Also, the program coordinates the process of bug fixing, e.g. setting bug fixing priority, assigning a certain performer to fix a bug, controlling the performance and status of bug fixing procedures, among other things. The application has a user-friendly interface, which helps user to take a full advantage of the system. Since this information is stored on the Web, an authorized user could easily access it at any time. As a result, the Novosoft solution ensured better coordination of the bug fixing procedures leading to more efficient production process, reducing development costs and time to market.

Tools and Technologies

IIS/ASP/MS SQL Server 2000

The Novosoft solution allowed our customer to better organize, manage and control the process of bug fixing. It is important to note, that the solution operates faster than many other analogous programs in the market. That certainly provides an extra input into operation efficiency of Novosoft customer.

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