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  Charter Flights Management System

Custom Project Name

Charter Flights Management System

Customer (country)

European charter flights company.

Business Case

A charter flights company, that operates in Europe and overseas, decided to automate its difficult-to-control manual charter flight processing and move it to the company Intranet.

The company was looking for solution that will help reduce costs, to provide clerks with ready-to-use document templates, and hasten flight order turnaround. To achieve more effective control - and to cut administrative costs, a large percentage of document flow had to be transferred from paper to the Intranet.


Novosoft delivered back-office Intranet application allowing the client to quickly automate its flight handling process, from requisition to staffing and scheduling. Moreover, the solution supports airport, aircraft and equipment databases, human resources, standard and additional expenses accounting (such as hotel reservation for pilots), etc.

Application allows clerks to create document template database on the fly, including forms, menus and documents. Novosoft put its best effort into designing easy-to-use interface, so even the inexperienced user could make a meta description of a desired database, structure database with menus, create document templates and forms etc.

Additionally, the solution is integrated with the company legacy accounting system - CIEL, and allows exporting the flight expenses into CIEL.

Keeping in mind that our client operates in many European countries, Novosoft has embedded multilingual support into the system. Novosoft developed intelligent self-expanded editable database of translated sentences/words, and integrated it with online translator service

Tools and Technologies

ColdFusion, ASP, HTML, JavaScript, ADO, IIS, MS SQL,
Platforms: WinNT
The solution supports distributed architecture, the data is automatically synchronized between several locations using MS SQL standard methods. Interface with CIEL is written in ColdFusion.

Significantly reduced operation costs
Reduced order processing cycle time
Faster flight order turnaround

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