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  Content Management System for healthcare organizations

Custom Project Name

Content Management System

Customer (country)

A leading provider of internet services to health care institutions.

Business Case

Our customer has been running a profitable business for over a decade. A number of web sites were developed for their clients, but the lack of content management capabilities has been inhibiting their web presence capabilities. Maintaining site content, particularly in an environment where documents are subject to regular review and update, can become an increasingly difficult task to handle. From the start, the customer was concerned with high costs associated with the frequent site updates they were anticipating, a process which typically brings an organization back to a web design firm over and over again. Investment in appropriate tools for site content maintenance is becoming mandatory.


To aid healthcare organizations in moving towards a content management strategy for their Internet, Intranet and Extranet sites, Novosoft offers a rapidly deployable content management solution, making use of the rapid deployment capabilities of Macromedia's ColdFusion Application Server.

Dynamic content in the site is administered exclusively by using a suite of content objects. Permanent storage for each content object is a single table in the SQL database. Various custom tags were defined to manipulate the store of content objects.

Administrators can interact with the data store via the web. For this purpose Novosoft provided a number of interface scripts allowing various generic interfaces. These interfaces query the SQL Server system tables to obtain the underlying fields and then provide appropriate input fields in an html form, allowing table records to be maintained.

The way that the data is shown to the user is determined by a number of display scripts, which take underlying content object database as the input and then transform it into html code to be returned to the viewer.

In addition to creating the code returned to the browser, content is cached on each web server in the server farm to reduce the load on the database server and to provide for site continuity if the database server falls over.


This tab is used to create and modify the content objects.
Anyone can add/remove fields by right clicking on the fields list.

Tools and Technologies

iPlanet web server v.4.1 with ColdFusion Server v 4.5, MS SQL 7.0 database, Visual Basic
Third-party software: eWebEditPro 2.1 (

Rapid site deployment
Advanced functionality - life cycle management, e-commerce, automated database integration and more
Scalability - site design allows numerous variations
Standardization of site "look and feel" while allowing multiple content owners

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