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  Delphi-based electronic data processing systems

Custom Project Name


Customer (country)

Well-known European investment company.

Business Case

It is the great challenge of modern economics to have a comprehensive view of business at any time in a matter of seconds from anywhere in the world. Having several offices distributed geographically and having complex business interrelationships with customers, partners, and affiliates a company needed adequate electronic data processing system and a highly available and reliable communication means.


The solution automates all major business procedures of the company and documents its workflow.

Novosoft Delphi team took a part in producing a completed product, with the core modules of the software providing the following services and functions:

  • Client's database with personal and contact information.
  • Client's investment accounts database.
  • Operations roll.
  • Relationships between clients like "family account" and others entities
  • An on-line data replication subsystem.
  • Stock market technical analysis
  • Reports on stock market activities and customers and their operations
  • Documents archive

Administrative modules provide easy, fast, and accurate access to the core security functions of the system. A privileged user of the system may grant access to data, modules, and functions to office staff operating the system.
Additionally, an advanced monitoring system provides an administrator with information on system component workload and performance and on system activities and failures. This feature helps to diagnose and predict failures and bottlenecks and to measure performance and track business activities.

Service modules implement a wide variety of additional features such as the following:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning subsystem
  • A text documents process
  • An FTP client, Web browser
  • On-line chat, voice and video conferencing
Tools and Technologies

Technologies: Client-server, H.323, T.120
Server platform: Win32, Oracle 8
Programming languages: Borland Delphi, C++

Integrated information system for thousands of users, gigabytes of data.
This system allows combining several applications, uniting different systems into a single system, optimizing internal processes, as well as external ones.
Structuring of financial information.
Optimization of processes reduces operating costs, thereby increasing profit

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