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  E-business Web site

Custom Project Name

E-business Web site

Customer (country)

A leading provider of e-services

Business Case

Our client is a medium-size health care company manufacturing dietary supplements. As a response to growing competition, the company wanted to raise the level of its customer service through web presence. The company came up with an idea of a web site that would have information about dietary supplements and other products for current and potential customers.


To meet the company's demand, Novosoft designed a B2C Web site. The site has a number of attractive features that would certainly be interesting for potential clients of our customer. Easy navigation is insured by user-friendly design and well-structured information. Even a rare medicine can be easily found with a help of a powerful search engine. The catalog can be sorted using the name of a specific product, product category, product's health function, or formula number. The site contains information not only about dietary supplements but also about ways to overcome certain heath problems. Our customer have put much effort into the site content; thus every visitor can be left assured to find all relevant information. It would be no exaggeration to say that the site is making an important contribution to building a long lasting relationship with clients of our customer.

Tools and Technologies

IIS/ASP/MS SQL Server 7.0, VB/Access/Oracle/MS SQL, Win32, Fine Reader (scanning the catalog)

Benefits to customers
The web site contains relevant and easily accessible information about the company's products;
The web site disseminates important information on health issues.
Benefits to the company
By having set up web presence, the company has gained access to new markets since information about the company is no more limited to local points-of-sale.
By demonstrating its commitment to superior customer service, the company has gained competitive advantage over its rivals.

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