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  CRM system

Custom Project Name

CRM system

Customer (country)

A leading provider of services on the Internet

Business Case

In the last few years, CRM solutions have proved to be very helpful business tools for many customer-centric companies. However, many businesses in the market cannot afford to buy quality CRM systems. Also, they don't have staff capable of developing CRM solution in-house. The customer saw a business opportunity in providing such companies with the much-demanded tool through letting them use its CRM solution on its Web site for a nominal small fee. To attract as many users as possible, our customer needed a first-class CRM system that would successfully cover needs of most clients from various industry domains.


In respond to the business need, Novosoft developed a high-quality CRM system.
The solution consists of the following components: consolidated customer base, knowledge database, and relationship management module.
The system performs a number of functions:

  • Provides Contact and Activity management;
  • Enhances customer service and support;
  • Enables Web-based interaction with customers, e.g. through chat;
  • Collects customer feedback data for performance evaluation and quality control;
  • Generates reports, e.g. in graphic formats;
  • Assigns corresponding security levels to different users.
  • Records, updates and tracks the workflow of all customer requests.

All that helps final users of the solution to provide their clients with better customer service, help sales staff close deals faster, sell products more effectively, simplify marketing and sales processes, discover new customers, etc.

Tools and Technologies

Java, JSP, Interbase

Novosoft customer benefited from obtaining a tool that is in high market demand. This product can be used to attract many customers and generate a large amount of revenue for our client, increase market presence, and improve operation efficiency.Final users benefit from getting a very useful business tool for a low regular fee.

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