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  Encrypted File System

Custom vProject Name

Encrypted File System for Win9X/NT/XP platforms

Customer (country)

Diversified consulting company.

Business Case

Our client is a diversified consulting company providing innovative technologies and services to many industries since 1988. The special subsidiary was formed in January 2001 to be the marketing, sales and service organization for the line of software-based security products owned by it. This fact shows importance of Data security business for Corporation Headquarter. Many clients needed software that will secure important data on PCs and laptops, from external as well as internal thieves. Our client requested security software with the ability to unite data encryption and provide many different security levels.


The major requirements for this system were security, operational reliability and work ability via Intranet. The solution offered by Novosoft LLC. has considerably improved security of important data owned by our client' customers. Novosoft LLC. developed "Encrypted File System", which includes all required security features. EFS allow granting access rights for individual user and specific application at restricted time and disk space, these options can provide any requested level of security. EFS stores only encrypted data on the disk space, and that makes theft of a data carrier senseless. Our solution is fully compatible with all corporative networks based on Windows platforms. At present, no EFS built in Win2K/XP has such security opportunities as our system.

Screenshot(s) Administration interface
Tools and Technologies

MSVC/MFC/Windows DDK/Windows IFS Kit


Multitude of security levels provides reduced theft risk and minimization of potential damage.

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