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  Insurance Connection Service

Custom Project Name

Insurance Connection Service.

Customer (country)

Information providing company in the American automobile insurance market.

Business Case

Our client is one of the American fast growing information providing companies in the automobile insurance market. The users of these services are small and mid-sized rental companies. Qualified personnel face the everyday routine of forwarding insurance requests to rental companies, entering rental responses into Global insurance database via inconvenient interface to calculate user fee and record all user actions in database. That process is time-consuming and expensive. Customer needed an electronic automatic system that would successfully resolve all of the above shortcomings.


The solution offered by Novosoft allowed our client to considerably increase number of customers and to improve the quality of user services. Novosoft developed communication and billing system that connects rental companies to the insurance company. The Server realized all the required features; moreover, the Server interface provides online detailed information on various key performance factors, such as daily transactions data, monthly rental costs etc. Additional feature of the Server is the possibility to export all user data to MS Access database, which has a wide range of data processing tools. Besides, the user interface allows accepting or declining the requests of insurance companies in automatic mode and has a credit limit reminder. The working release was completed in just 250 working hours.

Screenshot(s) User interface

Administrator interface
Tools and Technologies

This client/server application was developed using Borland C++ Builder.All data is stored in MS Access database, which is accessed by Microsoft ADO objects.

Completely automated communication service allowed client to reduce staff costs and service time per user.
Fee calculation service reduced errors associated with manual data input.
The increased variety of tariff plans led to the growth of user base and higher income.
Automated mode for accepting and rejecting requests saved time and effort of rental companies' personnel.
Improved payment control due to automatic reminders for user credit limit.

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