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  Incident Reporting System

Custom Project Name

Incident Reporting System

Customer (country)

Software manufacturing company. USA

Business Case

Management of retail outlet chain needed advanced tools to effectively control and manage the workflow in the remotely located branches. There are many systems consolidating and analyzing sale/finance activities within a retail outlet chain. However, there is a lack of business applications analyzing incidents within a company. At the same time, every single incident in a branch decreases the efficiency of the entire chain operations, and often causes negative consequences for the company. Typically, retail chains don't have software developers that would be capable of developing such systems. The customer saw a demand in the market for a system that would provide the retail outlet chain with all the available analytical information about incidents occurring in remote branches.


Novosoft responded to the customer need by developing a Web based system for collecting, storing, and analyzing incident information. The application performs the following functions: provides detailed incidents report by location, manager, cause, date, etc.

A selected list of the accident types includes fire, alcohol use at work, assault, theft, escalators malfunction, sick or injured person, power failure, property damage, etc. A full list of accident causes is much longer. This information helps managers to analyze causes of incidents and gives them an ability to effectively control the processes leading to incidents and therefore prevent them.

Tools and Technologies

Windows DNA (Com+, ASP, MS SQL Server 2000/ Oracle), Crystal reports

The customer benefits from having a reporting system that helps to understand causes and the nature of incidents within the whole company, thereby giving the customer a tool to prevent incidents.

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