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  Mobile Groupware Client

Custom Project Name

Mobile E-mail

Customer (country)

Novosoft LLC. (USA/ Russia)

Business Case

Novosoft LLC is constantly looking for new business opportunities in the market, especially in the area of emerging technologies. One of the company departments, a Mobile and Wireless team, is focused on providing its customers with innovative mobile wireless products and applications. The department regularly launches new products to the market.


One of the most recently released solutions developed by Novosoft LLC is mE-mail (mobile e-mail). mE-mail is a software application that could be used by GSM mobile phone users for sending and receiving e-mails through their cell phones. A client can use POP3 and IMAP protocols to receive e-mails, and SMTP protocol to send them. Novosoft mobile E-mail works exactly like a conventional desktop e-mail does, and includes all the typical features, such as ability to send files to multiple users, ability to send files as message attachments, etc.

It is important to note that there are similar services in mobile/ wireless solutions market, where a mobile phone user can access his Internet-based mailbox from a mobile phone. However, the Novosoft mobile e-mail solution has a unique functionality. It allows a mobile phone user not only to read and send e-mails in conventional way, but also to listen to e-mails using a unique Text-to-Speech feature. In addition, Text-to-Speech allows the users to send voice e-mails as enclosed audio mini files.

Tools and Technologies

Java, SMS, VXML, Novosoft FL

Novosoft mobile E-mail is committed to enrich the set of communication tools between geographically dispersed people. It gives people a chance to have secure access to e-mail in any place any time. One of the key features of the solution is Text-To-Speech functionality. It allows people not only read e-mails, but also listen to e-mails and even respond with voice messages.
Further, Novosoft solution gives a number of benefits to the mobile services operators. The competition in the market of mobile services provider is fierce. In that situation those companies win that provide the users with better service package. Our solution is produced exactly for such companies. By including this product into their service package they greatly increase the competitiveness of their services.

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