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  NetChannel Teaching Software

Custom Project Name

NetChannel Teaching Software for Internet Novice Users

Customer (country)

http://www.atmark-international.comAtmark International,
JapanCommunication business company

Business Case

Atmark is a young and aggressive company specializing in providing communication solutions. The company offers software systems for communication facilities: primarily Internet, e-mail, and media broadcasting.

As Atmark specialists found out, current Internet communication tools such as browsers and email clients are focused at computer literate persons, leaving less experienced Internet users (especially the older people) not covered. The company saw an excellent opportunity for business growth in issuing special software for this group of potential customers. Atmark enlisted Novosoft to develop such software for inexperienced Internet users.


To meet Atmark expectations, Novosoft offered a flexible and high-quality solution that combines Internet browser, e-mail client and organizer into one handy tool. Novosoft designed the software with extensibility in mind for the addition of various media (audio and video) broadcasting in the near future. The project was conducted in direct cooperation with customer-side UI designers. The final solution, NetChannel 1.0, provides direct access from main program window to various functionalities, such as E-mail client (POP3 Protocol), Internet Browser, Online Channels, etc.

Tools and Technologies

Technologies: Flash, Internet Explorer Active X, Dialup, COM objects in C++
E-mail: SMTP, POP3
Tools: Microsoft Visual C++

Sizable sales volume as a result of the software commercial success.
Additional source of sale volume comes from NetChannel customizations that Atmark sells to certain Japan companies as a standard office tool. For example, State Public IT Training Center in Amagasaki City, Kansai Region, Japan is one of them.

Available upon request

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