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  Trackwatch Controller

Custom Project Name

Real-time data processing and monitoring system

Customer (country)

A leading manufacturer of integrated railway asset monitoring systems.

Business Case

The customer's business is based on developing and selling devices used for railway monitoring: the devices are aimed to measure and transmit different parameters (such as indicators of switching the points). In case of any abnormality the signaling mechanisms snap into action.

The matter of utter importance for such devices is a real-time data processing - the timely response to such signals allows for prevention of train schedule breakdowns and provides increased railway safety.

The software used in the devices was written in Pascal to be used under DOS platform only. This implied some restrictions for further expansion of its functionality. Moreover, its sales appeal does not fit customer's needs anymore.

The challenge was to redesign the existing software in contemporary object-oriented environment and to migrate it onto Windows platform. The customer had very tight project timeframes and lack of on-site resources to complete this project on schedule.


In the shortest time possible, Novosoft organized a team of high-skilled creative professionals and started project works.

System implementation included both hardware and software development. Our task, within the scope of the project, was to develop a number of modules providing the core functionality for real time data processing and monitoring. All modules were designed from scratch, basing on the functionality of the previous system. The second task was to develop Windows Configurator Program - used for setting up of the data processing configuration.

Tools and Technologies

Win32 API, Delphi 5, MS Access 2000, MS ADO


Since the client approached Novosoft without delay, he was successful in developing the system within the allocated timeframe, and received the following benefits:

Increase in functionality due to removing restriction placed by existing DOS platform, namely
Increase in data processing volume
Increase in data processing speed
Design of scalable object-oriented model for the data processing system
Provision of recommendations for further development of the system

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