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  Rentware Windows

Custom Project Name

Rentware Windows

Customer (country)

Software development company, specializing in products for car rental companies (USA).

Business Case

The customer had a software package for car rental companies, based on DOS platform. It was very popular, because of its simple and convenient interface, but wide expansion of Windows platform made the product obsolete, and increased its marketing and selling cost.

The Company decided to port this product to Windows, to replace the previous version with a more up-to-date and convenient product.


Novosoft ported DOS version of the software package to Windows, providing an open-end solution that allows the customer to modify the application according to the needs of clients. Novosoft kept the interface as simple and convenient as possible, while having the following sophisticated features implemented:

  • Reservation System;
  • Rental Agreement printing;
  • Customer Tracking system;
  • Profit Reports;
  • Maintenance tracking;
  • Billing system;
  • Invoicing;
  • Single stand alone system or multi-user network environment;
  • Remote Access through standard Dial-up or DSL;
  • Phone Support;
Tools and Technologies


Advanced features combined with simple user-friendly interface made the new car rental company software package the real market hit. This solution meets the requirements of car rental business of practically any size and this led to drastic increase of our customer's client base and profits.

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