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  Centralized SAP Accounts Management

Custom Project Name

Centralized SAP Accounts Management

Customer (country)

A large German company

Business Case

Our customer is a large organization with a geographically distributed number of branches. The company chose to employ SAP R/3 as its ERP system. The administration of accounts in any particular branch was implemented locally. The drawback was that the company had to have skillful SAP-dedicated administrators in each branch location. Also, in many cases it was not flexible enough to perform common tasks for multiple branches through local administrators. The company needed a solution. To solve the problem, the customer contracted Novosoft, which has proficiency in tackling SAP-related issues.


In respond to the need, Novosoft developed a scalable business application that provided the customer with possibility for centralized account administration. The solution has the following functionalities:

Provides external access to SAP server using SAP Automation GUI;
Eliminates the need to install SAP Front-end on the administrator's machine;
Enables authorized administrator to manage SAP accounts from any Internet-connected computer in the world through a Web-based interface;
Allows simultaneous accounts management for multiple SAP servers.

The Novosoft solution helped to solve the following business problems. First of all, it added flexibility to the enterprise through simultaneous administration of numerous accounts in various locations. Second, it reduced the workload associated with SAP account administration. As a result, now the company does not need to employ skilled and expensive professionals for SAP accounts management. Finally, the solution helped to increase control over the geographically dispersed system.

It is important to note that Novosoft solved the customer problem within a very short period of time. That was possible because Novosoft specialists had experience of working with SAP and other ERP systems, and knew SAP architecture very well.

Tools and Technologies

MS Visual C++, OLE/ActiveX, SAP R/3


Novosoft customer got the much-needed solution very fast and at reasonable low cost. Outsourcing the software solutions development to Novosoft was economical and convenient tactic for the client, since a quality solution was completed without having to hire permanent staff.


Could be provided upon re-negotiating the NDA terms

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