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  Search Engine

Custom Project Name

Search Engine

Customer (country)

A leading British provider of search services on the Internet

Business Case

The business of our customer was to provide search services over the Internet. While providing that kind of services on its Web site, our customer used a search engine of another company, a major provider of search engine services.

In exchange our client was obliged to put on its Web site ad banners supplied by a search engine provider along with its own banners. That resulted in shrinking revenues for our customer, because it was paid only when its own banners were viewed.

In order to solve that problem, our customer had to stop using third party's search engine and start using its own one.


In respond to that business need Novosoft built a Search Engine with modern searching capacities. That allowed our customer to discontinue previous service as well as to get rid of the obligations regarding showing Web ads by other company. As a result, the client got a full control over the Web site. When Novosoft completed the primary business task, it offered the customer some other services, e.g. it improved interface of the Web site. Also, Novosoft has provided the client with consulting services focused on increasing the competitiveness of the customer Web business.


The client got a following range of benefits:

Powerful Search Engine,
Full control over the Web site,
Opportunities to increase current revenues from banner views,
Improved Web site interface,
Consulting services to further improve Web business through attracting more visitors.

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