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  OS/390 to Sun Solaris porting service

Custom Project Name

OS/390 to Sun Solaris porting service

Customer (country)

A leading worldwide provider of IT solutions for mainframe systems, USA

Business Case

Novosoft's customer is a major provider of software solutions for mainframe systems. Traditionally, mainframe-based systems were employed by many kinds of businesses, i.e. banks, insurance companies, government agencies.

All these solutions were developed for and operated on OS/390 platform. Over time, OS/390 has become outdated. It could not successfully compete with newer, more efficient platforms. More and more businesses switched to Windows NT and Sun Solaris. But since the solutions themselves are quite valuable for final users, our customer did not want to stop using them. As a way out, the customer contracted its long-time partner Novosoft.


Novosoft developed an application that ported solutions from OS/390 environment to Sun Solaris and Window NT platforms. The application ported a specific solution without a problem despite its size -- 2.5 million lines of code. Besides, Novosoft developed the application very fast. As a result, the customer has returned its gone customers -- who had migrated to new platforms -- as well as it has retained the current ones.

Tools and Technologies

C, Win NT API, Win NT Security, DB/2, Oracle OCI, XA API

The Novosoft solution helped the customer to continue to use a OS/390 legacy product and to save resources. Developing an identical solution from scratch for a new platform would cost the customer much more than porting it from the old platform to a new one.

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