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  A high-end professional teleprompter software

Custom Project Name

A high-end professional teleprompter software

Customer (country)

A large presentation software manufacturer

Business Case

TV sessions require a lot of rehearsal and coordination. The use of a teleprompter facilitates presentation and improves the quality of "on-air" presentations. On larger productions it is the norm to have freelance teleprompter operators with their own equipment. The problem arises because professional teleprompting software is very expensive. This puts quite a burden on under-funded users. The main objective of our customer was to develop the most cost-effective, computer-based teleprompter systems available on the market today.


The solution was built from the ground up in Apple's new Cocoa development environment. It brings together years of experience in making of the industry-leading software applications with the rock-solid, Unix-based foundation of Mac OS X. Both personal and professional versions were developed, designed specifically for business and personal use. They feature an extensive feature set and an extensible plug-in architecture. The professional version provides all the functionality specified for personal version, but with some additions, such as printing support, hotkeys, spell checking, importing of text from RTF, HTML, images and QuickTime movies, full-screen mode, etc.

Users can create and edit their speeches in any word processor, or directly in the embedded full-featured text-editing environment. Upon clicking the "play" button, application will smoothly display user's speech, scrolling down at personalized pace. After a message is created, the final output can be sent via email, placed on a website, burned on a video CD-R, or streamed over the Internet or corporate network.

Tools and Technologies

Mac OS X, Cocoa development environment, Rational Rose, C/C++, QuickTime

Rehearsals save time and money
You'll appear more relaxed and in control
Next generation smooth scrolling engine
Automatic system performance calibration
Guide pointer, bookmarks, dual screen option, plug-ins and other features

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