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  Virtual bank for gamblers

Custom Project Name

Virtual bank for gamblers

Customer (country)

Industry leader in the international acceptance of wagers.

Business Case

Our client is an industry leader in the international acceptance of wagers. To maintain its leadership, it constantly increases its presence in the World Wide Web. Each sport is represented by individual web-site with a totalizator. Gamblers willing to make wagers for multiple sports had to have separate accounts for each web-site. The major inconvenience for gamblers was a large number of money transfers necessary to maintain their accounts (this could be not just be inconvenient, but also costly). For our client, each gambler holding several accounts meant unnecessary data duplication and incomplete information about the structure of their real preferences.


Security and simplicity were the major requirements for the much needed solution. The system designed by Novosoft. offered exactly these qualities, and has considerably improved the performance of gambling services. Novosoft developed "Virtual Bank" that consolidates all the money transfers between gamblers and various web-totalizators, including all external and internal money transfers plus offering process recording features. Transfer of real money from the gambler's wallet to his unique account in the "Virtual Bank" via one of the multitude of on-line payment systems is the only external transaction existing now. Other transactions, including transfers to web-totalizators and even other gamblers' accounts are internal operations of the "Virtual Bank". Secured by SSL technology all the money transactions are recorded by MS SQL Server. The administrator's interface provides detailed online information on various key performance data (for a web-site or a gambler), such as daily transfers, monthly turnover etc.

Tools and Technologies

IIS/ASP/MS SQL Server 7.0

Completely automated on-line banking service allowed our client to reduce staff costs and service time per gambler.
Wider choice of on-line payment systems increased our client reach and boosted customer loyalty.
Consolidated gamblers' accounts provide a complete picture of their sports preferences.

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