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  Weather forecast system

Custom Project Name

Weather forecast system

Customer (country)

A meteorological company, USA.

Business Case

Our customer is a private meteorological company specializing in preparing customized weather forecasts. Its business is to collect the weather data from multiple sources, build weather forecasts based on that information, and sell those forecasts to the clients. To deliver the most accurate forecasts, our customer used to employ a software solution building forecasts based on mathematical algorithms. However, the system that was used by the customer to collect and analyze weather information was relatively ineffective. So, the customer needed to modernize the system to meet the increasing demands by its customers. It is important to note that the customer is a small company with modest budget opportunities for its system renovation. Therefore, the customer was looking for a quality yet cost-effective solution.


Novosoft started its work on the project with thorough examination of the customer's technical and business needs. Within a short period of time Novosoft upgraded old parts of customer's system and developed new ones. There are several major advantages of Novosoft solution as compared to the old system. Novosoft solution is a more reliable and faster system than the old one. Also, it enables the customer to easily add new customized functionalities into the system to meet changing customer demands.

Another significant business benefit for the customer in its collaboration with Novosoft is that we provided the customer with the opportunity to have a support of the system without hiring own permanent staff, because Novosoft specialists remotely solve all customer problems regarding the system. Hiring permanent local staff would not be as cost efficient as hiring offshore developers.

But that's not all. During the process a customer discovered significant scientific potential of Novosoft employees. It was uncovered that many skilled physicians and mathematicians work for Novosoft. Therefore, the customer asked Novosoft specialists to develop a new, more accurate algorithm for preparing forecasts using collected data. Having a better forecasting technique is critical, since it allows higher quality services to end-users.

Tools and Technologies

C++, Perl

The customer got the high-quality cost effective solution that has a higher reliability and improved performance compared to the old solution. Business problem was solved using temporary staff and skipping the need to hire permanent programmers. Finally, enhanced algorithm of the system was produced, which will allow it to offer more accurate forecasts to end clients.

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