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A New Solutions For Backup Data In Mixed Networks Under OS Linux

Alliance, Ohio, October 15, 2013 – Novosoft LLC announces a valuable addition to their most powerful backup software package, Handy Backup Server Network. This package was originally developed for centralized scheduling and running of all backup and restoration activities in modern, intrinsic network infrastructure. Now a new component is available, to ease control the backup workflow in mixed-OS infrastructures using some Linux-based workstations. The native Linux backup Workstation Agent provides all functions of Handy Backup Server Network edition without a need to emulate Windows environment through Wine or by any other mean.

"Now we have managed to create new Linux backup software, fully suitable for most user-oriented and business tasks. This Workstation Agent operates under the control of Handy Backup Server Network, providing Linux workstations with all options of this product. Handy Backup Workstation Agent for Linux performing these options fast and reliable, so it is a perfect backup solution for both home and corporate users of Linux-based computers", - so Aleksey Dolgushev, Head of Handy Backup Business Development Department, commenting this event.

All features of well-established Windows-based Workstation Agent are moved to new Linux backup product. Linux server backup operations in a mixed-OS environment are performing smoothly along with collecting backup data from different workstations. An administrator can plan and schedule any strategy of data backup and restoration, with time periods changing from minutes to months, according to the type of backup performed and the overall parameters of data moved to safe place. These Workstation Agents for Linux can be installed on Network-Attached Storage (NAS) devices running under Linux software, expanding the backup capabilities of these devices and tuning it to overall scheme of data preservation accepted for an entire network.

At present time, Linux-based Workstation Agent is distributed for common Linux distributives like Red Hat/Fedora Core and Debian/Ubuntu Linux, both in DPKG (.deb) and RPM/Yum (.rpm) package formats. It likes possible to get a copy of Workstation Agent for somewhat more uncommon distro like SUSE; if you want to grab it, than write your wish to However, options of Gentoo-like distros or compilation from source files is not supported for now by Novosoft, as Handy Backup is not an open-source or free software.

About Novosoft LLC

The Novosoft LLC is an established IT consulting and developing company. It was established in 1992, specializing for today on product developing and system integration in different areas of business processes. The primary focus of the company is the developing of entire product lines automatizing and scheduling some complex operations in modern computer-based and network infrastructures. The company has a big experience and practice in this area. Affordable price tags for most of Novosoft product lines, intensive research practices to suit the most of the needs for any user, and the strong, well-established technical support makes Novosoft one of popular and reliable partners for many world’s companies and private users.

About Handy Backup

Handy Backup, the Novosoft’s flagship backup software package, is the powerful and easy-to-use tool aimed at all segments of the modern market. It supports all versions of Windows, from Windows XP to the most modern Windows 8, and nowadays Novosoft announces development of product versions supporting Linux on the native base. Handy Backup allows scheduling and running almost any backup and restoration strategy, with different plugins automatizing the collection of data needed. It provides a wide spectrum of destination options for data keeping, from local and network drives to offsite and private cloud services. The GUI, both conservative and intuitive, allows planning the backup activity for up to the most inexperienced users without any effort.

Handy Backup is available on market in several different editions, which are developed according to the needs of different user groups, from home users to entire business-level networks.

To obtain more useful information about Handy Backup, see the official product website: