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  Web Content management system c-BiZZ

Custom Project Name

Web Content management system for information portal

Customer (country)

http://www.klopotek.comKlopotek AG

Business Case

A few years ago, when the Internet popularity began to grow rapidly, many companies were in need to establish online presence through setting up their information portals on the WWW.

However, they soon found out that to change manually the content on the information portal is very time consuming. In that situation the companies needed a tool that would allow them to quickly modify information, manage articles, links and file archives, retrieve a specific article using search functions, etc.

Some solution providers in the market were offering similar service. The drawback for the customers was that these solutions were very expensive. Thus, there was a demand in the market for an affordable and easy to use solution. Our customer saw a brilliant business opportunity to cover that need by finding a company that would cooperate in developing a quality tool at a reasonable cost.


To respond to the business need, Klopotek and Novosoft jointly developed the Web CMS (content management system)c-BiZZ: flexible up-to-date solution that allows managing all existing content on the information portal automatically. This system is very cost effective and solely relies on open technologies compared to other market offerings. What is very important, the solution could be easily customized for any industry. Further, the tools and technologies chosen by Novosoft for developing the solution ensured that the final product could operate not only on Windows platform, but also on most other platforms, e.g. Macintosh. That increased the sales potential of the product even further.

Tools and Technologies

Resin+JSP+Oracle, Web Sphere+JSP+Oracle


Benefits to our customers:
The Novosoft technology opened up new sales channels for the customer.
The sales opportunities, as well as the revenue growth, are huge.
Benefits to final users:
Effective up-to-date technology allows users to easily manage any information portal content.
Novosoft solution is very cost effective, which enabled many companies to establish their online presence.

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