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backup to ftp Handy Backup allows to backup to ftp, flash memory USB drive and from ftp.

bookmark manager Handy Password has a bookmark manager. Now all bookmarks are easily accessible by a user.

RTF TO XML RTF TO XML converts RTF to XML documents with the XSL FO specification.

Freeware & Shareware software helps you to find resources for software development: ActiveX tools, components & libraries, web development and database software etc.

Outlook backup Keep your e-mail data safe by creating Outlook backup.

automated testing tool Testing Master is automated testing tool which helps you automated test web site for performance and to find bottlenecks easy and effective.

If you need to protect your data from loss, try to use Remote Backup Service. It is the best solution for remote backup.

Password Management Directory We strongly encourage you to submit password software, articles, reviews to Password Management Directory.

Backup Schedule All about Backup Software - Hard Drive Backup Software, Server Backup Software, Online Backup Software. Decide which backup variety best suits you.

Backup Utilities Backup Utilities directory collects the best backup tools to backup to DVD, backup to CD, etc.

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  Java Development

Java developers team: Implemented projects

Content management system
Content management system that automatically handles and organizes all existing content on the Web information portal.

Financial Portal
System which gives customers direct access to a wide variety of financial services provided by a number of companies.

Knowledge Integration
A service that enables employees to access company knowledge base through a wide set of devices, e.g. Desktop Computers, PDA, cellular phones.

News Portal
Service that uses legacy system to capture news from numerous resources.

XQuery Test Applications
Test application that could store a large number of Personal Information Records in predefined format.

iMode application (Personal information storage)
The applet designed for Java enabled phones that records and stores the medical info.
Doctors Applet
Presentation tool customized for health care industry for showing various types of medical information to doctors and patients.

Diabetes Tools Wireless
The applet for widespread mobile phones that allows a user to input and store diabetes-related data, analyze the patient's records and present them in comprehensible charts.

Travel portal
E-commerce portal for traveling services.

Multi-portal Management System
A unified portal network application with a centralized management system

Generalized Portfolio Evaluation and Review System
A solution that presents a complex and massive array of hierarchically organized data in comprehensible way to assist in conducting business analysis of current processes and to speed up the decision-making.

A large-scale search engine
A large-scale full-text indexing search engine.

Order-processing e-commerce site
Order-processing e-commerce site with centralized shopping cart that enables static Web sites to sell their products online

Web-based e-mail system
An e-mail system that could be accessed and used via a Web browser from any place with Internet connection

eCRM system
CRM solution that encompasses consolidated customer base, knowledge database, and relationship management module.

Advertisement management system
Advanced Management System that manages all business relationships among advertisers & publishers. This is high-quality affordable solutions with real scalable features.

Online Business Presentation
A complete online solution for uploading, storing and presenting PowerPoint presentations on the web.

Chart Generator: Internet Decision Support Tool
A client-server application for brokerage house that helps to analyze market indices and trends.

Mobile Groupware Client
Mobile e-mail for mobile phone users. It allows people not only read and send conventional e-mails using their cell phones, but also listen to e-mails and even respond with voice messages.

Mobile Reminder
Software solution that provides hospital patients with appointment reminder functionality on their personal mobile devices.

Toolkit for developing programs with Windows-like interface
A Toolkit assisting coders to develop Windows-like interface for their programs.

Automated Affiliate Marketing System
Program that automates client accounts processing and management in affiliate marketing system.

Forex trading system
Internet-based system to trade in Forex market.

Game for mobile phones
Mobile multiplayer strategy game for mobile phone users.

A Web application that is to be integrated with an existing Web site to conduct online surveys and get a Web site demographics as well as other related statistic.