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  Lotus Domino Services

Lotus Notes developers team: areas of expertise

1. Notes/ Domino-based basic applications

This class of solutions includes the applications developed using Domino Designer R4/R5 basic toolkit and Domino programming languages, such as @Formula, LotusScript, Java, JavaScript, HTML.

Notes/Domino contains an extensive range of working tools. Therefore, using Notes/Domino allows developing powerful distributed systems and secure applications for an enterprise. Most of the Lotus team members have at least 3 years of experience working with Notes/Domino development tools and instruments.

The following types of the most commonly developed Notes/Domino applications are as follows:

  • Workflow applications often come along with Notes and Domino. One of the major reasons is that Workflow platform helps to very effectively plan and implement business processes within an enterprise. Workflow ensures and enhances connectivity, collaboration and coordination within Notes/ Domino groupware users.
  • Discussion applications are very popular, partly because of their simplicity in use. Most of the organizations employing Notes/ Domino use Discussion and Team Rooms. Discussion boards are often a starting point for developing corporate forums, newsgroups and virtual workplaces within an enterprise.
  • Tracking applications perform the role of monitoring all kinds of internal and external enterprise resources.
  • Reference applications include corporate databases and libraries.
  • Broadcast applications support data transfer, such as sending news for user groups by e-mail.

The following types of business solutions could be developed using a standard Notes/ Domino toolkit:

  • Electronic Workflow for Enterprise,
  • Business Processes Automating System,
  • Automated Document Management,
  • Knowledge Management,
  • E-Learning Management,
  • Project Management,
  • Human Resource Management,
  • Customer Relationship Management,
  • Change Management/ Request Management
  • Information portals.

2. Notes/ Domino-based specialized tools

This solution class includes various instruments, focused on solving other technological and business problems. As a rule those application expand the opportunities provided by the basic Lotus products. The team has experience in writing the tool applications for Lotus Notes/Domino, Lotus Sametime, Domino.Doc, Lotus Workflow, Lotus Quickplace.

Some examples of such applications are as follows:

  • Workflow Engines to automate enterprise business processes,
  • Domino-based expanded Web site monitoring systems,
  • Bug reporting systems,
  • Export/ import applications,
  • LSL libraries,
  • Sametime log tools,
  • ActiveX/COM components and Java applets providing additional functionality of Notes User Interface,
  • Notes Extension Managers and Domino Server Add-ins.

Typically, the following tools are being used to develop such solutions: Notes C/C++/Java/XML Toolkits, LSX Toolkit, LS:DO, Notes/FX, Notes SQL, Lotus Components, eSuite DevPack, Sametime Toolkit, Win32 API, ..

3. Complex integrated systems and application integration solutions.

Effective use of the above-mentioned solutions depends on how successfully the applications could be integrated with existing enterprise information systems. There are two kinds of challenges typically arising in that area. The first one relates to developing a complex integrated solution with functions distributed between Notes/ Domino and other platforms. The second is to integrate existing Notes applications into such platforms and technologies.

This solution class includes the following business applications: Random Data Base Management Selection (RDBMS) systems, Transaction Processing Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

Some examples of the solutions in that area implemented by Novosoft specialists are as follows:

  • Automating business processes and electronic document workflow. Technologies: Lotus Notes/Domino, Lotus Workflow, proprietary Novosoft Workflow by Novosoft LLC, Lotus Sametime, Domino.Doc;
  • Integrating with external systems through data transfers. Technologies: Lotus Enterprise Integration (Domino Enterprise Connection Services (DESC) and Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI)), proprietary Novosoft Synchronizer by Novosoft LLC;
  • Integrating with external applied systems, such as ERP and transaction processing system: Technologies: COM/DCOM component, Lotus Enterprise Solution Builder (ESB) application server, Web Services;
  • Data analysis and report building based on the data generated and stored in Notes. Simple reports could be built using data in Notes and any report builder, such as ODBC driver Notes SQL. Note that some products, i.e. Lotus Approach and Crystal Reports, have their own drivers for Notes. Complex reports could be generated after transferring data to RDBMS storage through using specialized data analysis servers, such as OLAP server.
  • Using functions of other specialized products to expand the effectiveness of Notes/ Domino applications use. Some examples are as follows.
    • Using Gantt diagrams in project management systems allows managing the tasks much easier. Technologies: Microsoft Project and Project Scheduler (Lotus Components eSuite DevPack) are ready to use solutions. Also, VARCHART XGantt ActiveX Control components by NETRONIC Software could be re-used.
    • Using ARIES in the strategic planning systems allows managing a goal tree more effectively. However, those are exactly Notes/ Domino applications that help the system users to better control the implementation of those goals.

Typically, the following tools are being used to develop such solutions: Notes C/C++/Java/XML Toolkits, LSX Toolkit, LS:DO, Notes/FX, Notes SQL, Lotus Components, eSuite DevPack, Sametime Toolkit, Win32 API, ..

4. Notes/ Domino specific tasks

Quite often, when a team of specialists starts renovating an existing enterprise system rather than developing a required solution from scratch, the success of the project depends on developers' ability to quickly understand the architecture and design of the system they work on. Novosoft lotus team has been very successful in doing that. Its secret is the extensive experience of working with multiple types of Notes/ Domino applications. Another critical success factor is that lotus team specialists employ sophisticated specialized Notes database analysis tools. Among those tools are both well-known TeamStudio Design System by Ives Development Inc. and Novosoft unique proprietary tools. Using such highly effective instruments allows the Lotus team to build on existing system code, rather then to develop the desired system from the very beginning. The advantages to a customer are obvious: reduced time to market and lower development costs.

Another important task is to provide customization of Notes/Domino applications. Today more and more companies require corporate systems with multiple language support. Lotus Notes v. 4.6 introduces a new tool - Notes Global Designer. That tool helps the team to convert Lotus applications into various languages. Importantly, Novosoft LLC. employs the people speaking English, German, French, Japanese and Russian. That is of much help, especially when Novosoft specialists work on localizing some complex Notes/ Domino-based programs, such as Maximizer Enterprise for Notes by a Canadian company Cognicase.