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  Lotus Domino Services

Project Name

Heidelberg order management system


The solution is a multi-user distributive system, designed to provide automation and control over processing orders in a large printing media enterprise. The system consists of the core and a number of modules. The modules provide basic functionality, and allow further expansion of the system functions through adding new modules.

The system performs the following functions:

  • Document management to facilitate order processing and calculating;
  • Supplying production facilities with raw materials to increasing factory work load to full capacity;
  • Integration with enterprise financial systems;
  • Analysis and reporting modules;
  • Coordinating geographically dispersed branches.
  • Access both for local system users and for remote users through the system web-based interface.

Lotus Notes/Domino (HTTP, Router, DNFS), NS Synchronizer (XML Toolkit & Java, Notes C++ API, LSX), Novosoft Workflow, Microsoft Visual C++, VARCHART Xgantt ActiveX, Crystal Reports Viewer ActiveX, RDBMS: InterBase / IBM DB2 / MS SQL Server / Oracle.


12,000 man-hours.


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