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  Lotus Domino Services

Project Name

PATS (Paperless Application Tracking System)


The system is committed to automate the workflow in HR departments of government organizations. The solution is a full-scale system that ensures absolutely paperless hiring process.

PATS includes the following modules:

  • Web interface for new user registration for available positions within organization, as well as browsing and applying for vacancies;
  • Web interface for hiring managers: allows creation, modification and publishing of vacancies, and automates applicants' interviewing process;
  • HR supervisor interface for Lotus Notes: allows various manipulations for monitoring and processing applicants and vacancies;
  • Lotus Notes interface for HR department specialists, used for verification and approval of workflow requests during applicants qualification process;
  • Lotus Notes interface for hiring supervisors: used for browsing, searching and approval of vacancies before they are published on the Web;
  • Customizable system of notifications;
  • PATS Exporter tool, which allows exporting data from PATS database to any ODBC compliant data storage, for example MS SQL Server, MS Access, DB2, or Oracle. Exported data may be used for building reports using third-party reporting tools, i.e. Crystal Reports.

Lotus Notes and Domino R5, Team Studio, Notes C API, MS VC 6.0, ODBC, OS/2, Solaris.

Workforce employed

10,000 man-hours, team of 4-6 people.


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