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password manager Handy Password is a password manager that keeps your login infornation in perfect security.

RTF TO PDF RTF to XML converts your RTF to PDF format

Freeware & Shareware software offers extensive collection of downloads and applications for pocket PC and mobile devices.

website performance testing If you need performance testing web site or intranet application, use Testing Master.

Registry backup Novosoft Office Backup automatically creates Registry backup

Novosoft Remote Backup Service - backup and storage of important data on secure remote server.

Password Management Directory Here you can find comprehensive password manager reviews, as well as the description of password software.

Backup Schedule All about enterprise backup - enterprise backup systems, enterprise network backup. The best way to protect your business.

Backup Utilities Backup to hard drive is the safest backup method. Choose appropriate backup software from Backup Utilities!

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Schock Associates, Inc

I wanted to thank you for the excellent service we have received at Novosoft.
We have truly enjoyed working with your highly trained and educated programmers. Your cost estimates are accurate and, most importantly, your programmers complete work in a timely fashion.
Today, our Internet search engine,, is attracting the biggest corporate names in the world. We are off to a good start and Novosoft deserves the lionís share of the credit. For this reason, and many more, I would recommend your programming acumen to the most sophisticated corporate buyer.
It warms my heart to see entrepreneurial excellence emanating from the far reaches of Siberia. Keep up the good work.

Spencer Schock
Schock Associates, Inc.

Spencer Schock
President, Schock Associates, Inc

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