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Mobile solutions team: Our credentials

Novosoft Mobile and Wireless department currently counts some 16 software professionals who form a very dynamic, forward-thinking team. Being part of Novosoft LLC., a 500-employee software development company, Novosoft Mobile and Wireless team draws upon a large pool of highly skilled IT specialists. That helps us to keep up with the latest tendencies in the technology market and undertake projects of any size and complexity.

Through a combination of creative approach and effective low-cost development techniques, we craft elegant and innovative solutions that help our customers to enjoy the quality services of 3G era. Our team members have the following qualifications in wireless technologies:

  • Almost all of the team are qualified in SMS and related technologies,
  • 7 members are qualified in J2ME,
  • 4 are qualified in i-mode/ java for i-mode,
  • 4 in JavaPhone & PersonalJava,
  • 5 JavaCard,
  • 5 in WAP,
  • 4 in VXML,
  • 5 in SIM ToolKit,
  • 2 in USSD,
  • 7 are qualified in SS7, MAP.

The prestigious Innovation Award won by our team at 3GSM World Congress proves the creativity and high level of professionalism of the team members in mobile software development. In addition to expertise in mobile and wireless technologies, the team has a rich programming experience in multi-platform environment and remarkable knowledge of fundamental science that have been important for selecting the most reliable and effective solutions among the dozens of alternatives.

Most of the Mobile and Wireless team members have MS degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science with up to 15-year experience in IT development field.