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Mobile solutions team: About us
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Mobile solutions team: Areas of expertise

1. Network related

Novosoft Mobile and Wireless team has a deep detailed knowledge of technologies used in wireless networks. In our projects, we have been extensively using the following protocols and standards:

SMS. The most popular service after voice is also an excellent mobile terminal - server connection protocol. Reliable, inexpensive and widespread, SMS is a vital part of a number of our commercial products, such as Mobile Online! and mobile voice-email. Novosoft has recently started working with EMS, which allows sending pictures and ringing tones to and from the phones in existing 2G networks, as well as bringing the services of 2.5G and 3G levels to users' terminals even now.

USSD. Although this technology is not as widely known as SMS, it presents tremendous opportunities as well. Being up to seven times faster than SMS and session-oriented, it allows creating certain services that will be more convenient in use than if they were implemented using SMS. Examples of such services can be chat and online gaming. Novosoft is currently engaged in an USSD based project with our local GSM operator.

WAP. Novosoft has been working with WAP from the moment of its inception, helping companies to make their existing Internet sites available to the mobile world. Although interest in WAP has recently declined significantly, it is expected to revive with the introduction of WAP over GPRS and WAP 2.0, and Novosoft's expertise in these technologies is an advantage in this situation.

2. Mobile terminals related

SIM card programming. We are committed to continual improvement of our SIM card programming skills. This resulted in a number of commercial client-server products for GSM networks, where client part runs on SIM card and server is integrated with the operator's SMS center. We program SIM cards in either standard JavaCard, JavaCard with manufacturer extensions, and even in the proprietary SIM technologies for best applet performance and size. The Novosoft Mobile and Wireless team is working with a world leading SIM card providers, such as Schlumberger, Gem plus, Oberthur, Orga, and other. Ability to operate with SIM card is highly useful in programming the phone itself, since important information is stored on the SIM card and creation of for instance m-commerce applications is impossible without using security features provided by SIM card.

J2ME programming. More and more phone manufacturers support J2ME, so the demand for J2ME solutions is expected to significantly grow. Novosoft Mobile and Wireless team has successfully completed several outsourced J2ME projects for Japanese market and are now developing a number of proprietary J2ME products, such as instant messenger and puzzle games.

Symbian OS, Palm OS, Win CE programming and proprietary APIs. Novosoft engineers are fully capable of creating custom projects for these mobile platforms using proprietary APIs or extensions. As soon as new platforms, APIs and technologies come out, Novosoft specialists thoroughly learn them and adopt fast.

3. Technologies

  • WAP/WML/WML Script,
  • J2ME,
  • i-mode,
  • JavaCard,
  • SMS,
  • GPRS,
  • Bluetooth.

4. Platforms

  • Palm OS all versions,
  • Windows CE all versions,
  • Symbian,
  • Pocket PC.